Weekly Wool Prices

Week Ending 10 June (Week 50)

10 June 2016

Weaker Australian wool auction markets resulted this week due mainly to the adverse and substantial currency movements. The volume of wool on offer was very low at a little over 27,000 bales but this failed to arrest the daily slides in market prices. Over the course of selling, a general 20 to 40ac/clean kg was eliminated from ruling levels, with all wool types and descriptions being affected to much the same degree when expressed in percentage terms. Whilst it is never a good result to see price levels reverse locally, the week was understated in what losses could have occurred theoretically. The AUD was 3.1% stronger against the USD, but the market weakened by just 2%. The EMI (Eastern Market Indicator) lost 26ac/clean kg for the week to close at 1270ac/clean kg. The EMI expressed in USD managed to strengthen by 10usc to close at 948usc/clean kg.

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