Woolmark Gold Bespoke launch

8 April 2013

Under the theme ‘Woolmark Gold, Customise your Lifestyle’ The Woolmark Company brought to life the brand concept Aspire, Achieve, Appreciate and set the benchmark for Chinese custom tailoring for consumers.

IWTO president Peter Ackroyd talking through some Woolmark Gold fabrics with guests at the Woolmark Gold Bespoke launch held in China
IWTO president Peter Ackroyd talking through some Woolmark Gold fabrics with guests at the Woolmark Gold Bespoke launch held in China.

At a special launch in March for Woolmark Gold Bespoke guests were treated to a fashionable space displaying fine fabric samples from 11 top fabric-makers and Woolmark Gold partners.  Gorgeous gloss, precious texture and vivid text graphic data interpret the quality, excellence and dignity of Woolmark Gold, just like the experience of Savile Row with its long history and bespoke tailors’ guild.

At the end of the event the Woolmark Gold logo was unveiled, forged in metal and shining gold. It represents the finest Merino woollen fibre woven into supreme quality fabrics for clothing of distinction and all made from Australia’s finest Merino wool.

In attendance at the Woolmark Gold Bespoke launch was IWTO president Peter Ackroyd, Norton and Sons and E. Tautz creative director Patrick Grant and The Woolmark Company global strategy and marketing officer Robert Langtry. Mr Ackroyd spoke of how bespoke businesses may increase their success; Mr Grant explained to the audience the true meaning of bespoke tailoring and what a genuine gentleman’s lifestyle is; and Mr Langtry explained the relationship between bespoke tailoring and fabric.

Competition in the Chinese clothing industry is turning from an emphasis on marketing channels to placing a higher value on service. Bespoke tailoring, which is customer-oriented and emphasises designer service, focuses on a sense of belonging to a special group. Unique personalities, choosing the best fabric and accessories - all handmade - are definitely a perfect interpretation of the very best in service. With the rapid development of luxury consumption in China, a new generation of elite consumers are more likely to look for more personalised self-expression, not just of pursuing established luxury brands. And customisation is the most perfect rendering of this demand for self-expression. This has made it a lifestyle hallmark of successful people.

The Aspire, Achieve, Appreciate concept reflects the Woolmark Gold consumer’s profile: appreciation for heritage and the finer things in life; individuality; and a strong sense of quality and design. By joining forces with leading Woolmark Gold spinners and the weavers along Savile Row The Woolmark Company aims to inspire and stimulate more possibilities for the developing Chinese tailor-made sector.

Woolmark Gold is the highest accreditation under The Woolmark Company, representing the finest cloth and yarns made from Australian Merino wool. Only the world’s most superior wool clothing and accessories are awarded Woolmark Gold status and it is an icon loved by renowned fashion designers and fashion artisans. In China, Woolmark Gold is designed exclusively for high-end clothing with pure new wool fabrics.

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