Timothy Everest launches 'Hemisphere' with The Woolmark Company

17 February 2014

Men’s Look 3 from Hemisphere
Men’s Look 3 from Hemisphere. A modern take on the traditional suit. Teaming workwear details with bespoke, tailoring finishes and worn with a contrast placket shirt instead of a tie. The ‘boiler suit’ is made from a wool denim fabric.

The Woolmark Company’s new Contemporary category aims to increase the market share of wool worn by an emerging segment of consumers who are experiencing a trend towards casualisation.

The new program aims to create a platform that openly shares technical expertise and invites forward-thinking creative minds and progressive brands to work together and experiment with the potential of Merino wool.

To celebrate the launch of the Contemporary category, The Woolmark Company has joined forces with UK fashion designer Timothy Everest to launch Hemisphere: clothes from a temperate island.

Hemisphere draws on Everest’s Savile Row tailoring heritage but repurposes it, using innovative wool-based fabrics that connect with today’s international casual style. What was created is an 11-piece collection which is imaginative, original and most of all one which will resonate with a global contemporary audience. The collection takes wool out of its usual comfort zone and places it firmly at the centre of a modern, urban lifestyle.

Before putting pen to paper, Everest travelled to Australia to get up close and personal with Australian Merino wool. While he conceived the collection for an urban audience, the designer drew on the fleece’s rural heritage during his visit and cleverly reinterpreted it for international consumers.

“One of the highlight fabrics for me is the wool denim that we’ve used in the one-piece suit,” Everest said. “When I was up at the sheep station in Ferndale it was really interesting because that was what the sheep shearers were actually wearing. It was stretch denim in a very, very cool cut, so we took that as inspiration. It’s very practical. As the shearers pointed out, in cotton you would have damp trousers all day long if you were handling the sheep when it was raining, whereas wool wicks away the water.”

Hemisphere aims to help people see wool in a different light – appreciating the fibre’s tradition but recognising its capacity to fit with what is happening now.

“Wool’s carving out a whole new future for itself. Exciting new innovations and a fresh approach make it the perfect lifestyle choice for today’s international casual crowd,” Everest adds.

“The collaboration with Woolmark had us looking at creating a collection from wool and getting people to be a little bit surprised about what you could do with wool and how you can actually wear it. We wanted the collection to be internationally casual. It’s for people who are living he urban life; they might be jumping on a bike, on the tube, could be on a plane. It’s clothes for real people living a real life.”

In keeping a sense of casualness to the Hemisphere collection, Everest’s simple colour palette showcases wool at its best and places greater emphasis on the level of detail in the cut and fit of each garment. The most prominent colours throughout the collection are a sulphuric yellow and indigo navy. The deep burgundy colour is more subtle and so this has been applied across more ‘hidden’ detailing such as top stitching and linings.

“Colour is vital for me as a contemporary British tailor. I'm known for using colour for 'surprise' and I have done so during my career. In Hemisphere I was keen to show how wool can be modern and incredibly versatile, and apart from the handle, which is not what you might expect from garments crafted from wool, the colour anchors it and is key in terms of appealing to a slightly younger audience.

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