The Woolmark Company supports Winde Rienstra at Amsterdam Fashion Week

25 March 2013

Supporting both young and established designers has and will always be an integral part of The Woolmark Company’s role in telling the story of wool and increasing the demand for this natural and noble fibre.

The Woolmark Company supported Dutch designer Winde Rienstra at Amsterdam Fashion Week
The Woolmark Company supported Dutch designer Winde Rienstra at Amsterdam Fashion Week. All photos: Peter Stigter.

During the 18th edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week The Woolmark Company supported Dutch designer Winde Rienstra who worked with wool for her collection ‘Mourning Cloak’.

A design graduate from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht, Ms Rienstra launched her label in 2010 and has been popular at the past four editions of Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Her latest collection – presented by The Woolmark Company – was inspired by Mexican funeral ceremonies and the Japanese world of samurais and geishas. It deals with the transfer to ‘the other side’ which can be seen as a new start for the deceased as well as those left behind.

Using the unique combination of wool and wood, Ms Rienstra created a collection inspired by architecture, art and nature.

“By combining wood with woollen fabrics I created a beautiful contrast of materials,” Ms Rienstra said. “Creating that contrast gave the designs an extra sculptural dimension, which is something that fascinates me.”

The Woolmark Company country manager for Benelux, Ingrid Oomen, said educating designers about the versatility of wool continued to be paramount to The Woolmark Company. She said supporting emerging designers such as Winde Rienstra would not only allow for more wool to be used in future fashion collections, but would also expose the fibre to a greater number of consumers.

“The Woolmark Company approached Winde because of her talent as a designer and her previous participation in the Campaign for Wool,” Ms Oomen said.

“We co-ordinated a one-on-one meeting with Winde, showing her The Wool Lab Autumn/Winter 2013/14 edition, where she selected a fabric produced by Pontetorto in Italy which she used for several garments.

“Her latest collection also works with felted wool which she was able to beautifully incorporate into her designs. We educated Winde about the benefits of wool and she paid particular attention to its natural attributes.”

According to Ms Rienstra The Woolmark Company allowed her to experiment with wool and opened the door to new opportunities.

“Working with The Woolmark Company was a great opportunity for me,” Ms Rienstra said. “It challenged me to discover a new material to work with and still make a collection that fits my design aesthetic. I chose to work with 3mm-thick felt, which gave me the perfect balance between stiffness and suppleness, allowing my designs to be both architectural and graceful.”