The Woolmark Company presents The Wool Lab Spring/Summer 2017 at Milano Unica with a focus on wool in the sports industry

9 February 2016

Continuing to present the best selection of commercially available wool fabrics and yarns, The Woolmark Company is proud to present its latest seasonal guide, The Wool Lab Spring/Summer 2017, at Milano Unica held February 9-11. The Woolmark Company can be found at Idea Biella, Pavilion 3 Central Area Aisle F and Modain, Pavilion 4 Aisle D/E.

The latest edition of The Wool Lab dedicates four out of six themes to a style that is suitable for both womenswear and menswear, demonstrating that wool fabrics continue to become increasingly popular outside of traditional men’s tailoring.

The Woolmark Company enriches its service presenting a new sourcing tool completely dedicated to Sport in all its forms, emphasising the fibre’s benefits and unique technical performances. The Wool Lab Sport highlights a selection of fabrics and yarns produced for sportswear, suitable for all seasons, presented in two distinct moods: Sport Active and Sport Stylish.


The family figure turns to be fundamental; sons and daughters look up to their parents and desire to look like them. Different generations express a shared identity. The luxury quality of wool textiles meets the design of traditional suits and broken suits, dresses and knitwear.

The old fashioned job reinterpreted by young generations, influencing the male identity. Charming places comes back to life, where men talk about public concerns and contemporary issues. The most classical fabric patterns are studied for lighter weights for a more fresh and contemporary look for an authentic lifestyle.

An understated sensuality is inspired by oriental traditions. In everyday life women enhance their femininity wearing voluminous but lightweight skirts and transparent embellished skirts and dresses. The colour palette evokes Asian customs and landscapes.

The informal way of dressing looks as comfortable as refined, thanks to rigorous but creative new cultural interpretations of a contemporary lifestyle. The mix and match of jackets and utility pieces brings a sense of formality to a casual style.

By adopting innovative technologies able to combine traditional arts and experimental techniques, a new design movement imagines changing surfaces applied to strict shapes. The mission is merging the three-dimensional with the two-dimensional world, in order to create a forward-looking aesthetic.

Artists as new artisans take inspiration from the earth using ancient techniques for unexpected and contemporary fabrics. A blend of cultures, colours and atmosphere. Materials are raw, expressive, made of vibrant matter, fabrics are dense but lightweight.

The most performing wool fabrics and yarns, mixed with technical fibres to ensure the best results during physical activity. Examples of this theme highlight the technology enriched with the most innovative finishing and treatments, suitable to match every climate and discipline, indoor and outdoor.

Sport Stylish expresses the role of Merino wool as a fundamental element of the classic wardrobe of the most refined and exclusive sports such as golf, horse-riding, sailing and polo. The Sport Stylish theme perfectly combines performance with elegance, highlighting the natural benefits and technical features guaranteed by the fibre mixed with comfort and style.

Milano Unica will be the stage to present the latest edition of The Wool Lab Preview AW17/18 and The Wool Lab Preview Magazine AW17/18 that will be available to buy at Milano Unica. The Magazine is a printed version of The Wool Lab Preview containing images of fabrics aligned to the season’s macro themes. The Wool Lab Preview Magazine is released in line with The Wool Lab Preview and is available to buy at the world’s most important bookstores as well as online at

The Wool Lab is created by The Woolmark Company in collaboration with the most innovative and quality-oriented spinners and weavers from across the world. Each season, more and more fashion professionals look forward to seeing the latest edition of The Wool Lab as it offers the chance to explore a concrete sourcing guide for the best fabrics and yarns in the world.

After Milano Unica, The Wool Lab SS17 will be presented at the most important trade shows worldwide, and will be available through The Woolmark Company’s global network, along with one-on-one meetings set up with top designers, brands, manufacturers and retailers.