Sheep to shelf journey highlighted at Wool Workshop

29 May 2014

The Woolmark Company has hosted a Wool Workshop in New York City, connecting with key stakeholders from the apparel industry and highlighting the ways to communicate wool requirements to suppliers, manufacturing techniques and Merino wool innovations. 

A group of nearly 60 people, comprising designers, brands and retailers across fashion, sports and baby apparel and accessories attended the Wool Workshop, along with a select number of media.

Wool workshop in New York City

Education remains a crucial element of work undertaken by The Woolmark Company and workshops similar to this are available in all of The Woolmark Company’s key regions across the world.

Presented by The Woolmark Company’s global innovations manager, Roy Kettlewell, the workshop covered topics including: what is wool, the fibre close up, properties and benefits of wool, manufacturing wool products, specifying wool to suppliers and innovations in Merino wool.

“This was the second year we have held the Wool Workshop in New York, with the latest iteration a more advanced edition of last year’s,” said The Woolmark Company Director of the Americas, Michelle Lee.

“Attendees were provided with an in-depth understanding of the unique benefits, performance and fabric attributes of Merino wool, as well as the latest innovations developed by The Woolmark Company.

“We have received very positive feedback from those who attended, with many commenting that the ‘sheep to shelf’ information was invaluable.”