Ludwig Beck launches Merino wool collection

14 November 2016

Customers visiting the popular Ludwig Beck department store in the heart of Munich have been treated to a ‘farm to fashion’ wool showcase – from a ‘virtual reality’ tour of an Australian sheep farm, to viewing a full variety of Merino wool apparel sold at the premium retailer.

Model Franziska Knuppe wearing an eye-catching Merino wool pullover from the new Ludwig Beck Munich collection, at the launch of the iconic store’s launch ‘Ludwig Beck Inspired by Wool’ initiative.

The ‘Ludwig Beck Inspired by Wool’ initiative was launched as part of the Campaign for Wool to enthuse the store’s customers to learn more about the natural benefits of the fibre and the source from which it comes.

For the month of October, customers at the famous Ludwig Beck store on the Marienplatz – the central square in the historic centre of Munich – had the opportunity to use virtual reality headsets to journey to an Australian sheep farm, to visually experience the source of Merino wool. Adding to the rural atmosphere for customers, a ‘sound shower’ on the ceiling emitted the sounds of sheep.

Not only promoting the Campaign for Wool, the month-long celebration also saw the launch of the new ‘Ludwig Beck Munich collection’. This 10-piece knitwear collection, comprising v-neck, turtleneck and crew neck pullovers, a short-sleeve shirt and cardigans, is made from extrafine Australian Merino wool and available in 12 different colours.

Model Franziska Knuppe, who is an ambassador for the initiative, wore a beautiful Merino wool pullover from the Ludwig Beck Munich collection at the launch event.

“I am pleased to be a part of the Campaign for Wool,” said Franziska. “I love the quality of Merino wool; it feels very comfortable next to the skin and it is natural and long-lasting. With this collection Ludwig Beck proves that quality is never out of fashion and the event we had in the welcoming atmosphere at the department store has been very successful.”

Real samples of Merino wool from each stage of the fibre’s journey from the sheep’s back to fabric were on display near the collection, which customers could see and touch, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the process of making fine Merino wool apparel.

In addition, specially made brochures highlighting the story of wool, care advise and promoting the new knitwear collection were distributed to 15,000 of the store’s loyal customers. AWI staff also delivered a Wool Appreciation Course to 45 Ludwig Beck staff members, ensuring they were well educated on wool to assist in sales of the new collection.

More than 20 store windows were branded Campaign for Wool and decorated with wool, including the store’s 17-metre main window in the Marienplatz, past which more than 12,000 pedestrians walk every hour. An oversized image of AWI’s celebrity ‘rambassador’, Fred, also featured, watching over the event and inviting customers into the store.

Also on display was the remarkable tapestry titled ‘Metamorphosis’, from the École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne and designed by Seraina Lareida. The carpet artistically shows the transformation of wool, from freshly shorn wool to finished fabric, within one large-scale canvas. Seraina Lareida was provided with wool samples by AWI to undertake the initiative.

Ludwig Beck CEO Christian Greiner commented: “Ludwig Beck upholds traditional values of the highest quality, attention to detail and authenticity. This special collaboration with AWI shows our clients an awareness of fashion and provides insights into the background and history of the fibre. This makes us proud.”