Fashion Writing Competition Winners Announced

4 June 2014

The Woolmark Company has partnered with fashion education platform Modeconnect to give aspiring fashion writers and journalists the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain first-hand experience and exposure in the fashion industry.

2014 International Fashion Writing Competition by ModeconnectThe 2014 International Fashion Writing Competition was open to writers aged 18 to 27 years old, promoting writing on fashion that is researched, insightful, critical, stylish and engaging. Entrants competed in one of two categories: 18 to 21, and 22 to 27 years old (inclusive).

Successful first round candidates who were shortlisted for Round 2 were required to submit a creative piece centred on wool. This text could be anything from a short story to a technical text or poetic writing.

The jury included eminent professionals with varied experiences of fashion writing, including:

  • Grace Eagle and Johannes Reponen, the editorial team of Address - journal for fashion criticism 
  • Mark Atkinson, a fashion designer, author of How to Create your Final Collection and Modeconnect co-founder
  • Professor Catherine Harper, dean of the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth 
  • João Paulo Nunes, a fashion journalist and the founder and editor of

Modeconnect co-founder and fashion designer Mark Atkinson explains: “The fashion industry needs writers and commentators able to explain the work of designers and describe and analyse fashion products and trends. To tell a good story they have to understand the creative and making processes. Before they can consider themselves ‘fashion critiques,’ they must master those skills and gain this knowledge.”

Round one winners shortlisted to compete in round 2:

In the 18 to 21 category: Chloe Murphy from Kettering, UK; Emily Lyhne-Gold from London, UK; Emily Nearn from London, UK; Emily St John from Sydney, Australia; Emma Larsson from MULLSJÃ, Sweden; Heena Rathor from Kolkata, India; Katie Booth from Shropshire, UK; Lauren Parish from Plymouth, UK; Lauren Sharkey from Longfield, UK; Layla Jones from Hanover, USA; Modupe Oloruntoba from Cape Town, SA; Nandini Sahay from Mumbai, India; Oliver Korinek from London, UK.

In the 22 to 27 category: Agata Murasko from Vilnius, Lithuania; Christobel Amelia Hastings from Norwich, UK; Cynthia Nwaru from Lagos, Nigeria; Darren Millard from Porth, UK; Eleanor Snare from Leeds, UK; Faith Robinson from Grimsby, UK; Jennifer Martin from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK; Jess Molina from Hamilton, New Zealand; Johann Huebsch from Port Elizabeth, SA; Kati Chitrakorn from Bangkok, UK; Kshipra Singh from INDORE, India; Maeve Croghan from Oxford, UK; Marta Franceschini from Treviso, Italy; Megan Narsing from Regina, Canada; Minh Phuong from Kent, USA; Morgan Mullin from Trout Brook, Canada; Nina Balstrup from Århus, Denmark; Pooja Gupta from Rochester, UK; Rachael Cooney from Oxford, UK; Rosi Muller from Berlin, Germany; Sophie Joy Wright from Sydney, Australia; Stavroula Kolatsis from Johannesburg, SA; Viktorija Valskyte from Gargzdai, UK.

Round 2 winners - Click the pdf link below to read the winning submissions.

1 – Marta Franceschini
2 – Christobel Amelia Hastings
3 – Kati Chitrakorn

1 – Lauren Sharkey
2 – Emily Lyhne-Gold
3 – Emily St John