Educating the next generation

12 May 2014

Education throughout the entire wool supply chain is a key element of all work undertaken by The Woolmark Company. Seminars explaining the attributes, benefits and versatility of wool to textile and fashion students are an important component of this strategy.

he Woolmark Company hosted a trade education event titled ‘Naturally Inspiring’ for fashion and textile students
The Woolmark Company hosted a trade education event titled ‘Naturally Inspiring’ for fashion and textile students.

A seminar titled ‘Naturally Inspiring’ was held at King’s College London to educate textile and fashion university students in the early stage in their career about the benefits, possibilities and provenance of Merino wool, as well as highlight the fibre’s place in contemporary fashion and textiles.

Hosted by international fashion commentator Colin McDowell, the seminar affirmed The Woolmark Company’s role as a leading authority in the textile and fashion industry and showcased a variety of careers available for students looking to work with wool.

Guest speakers at the event were IWTO president and The Woolmark Company consultant Peter Ackroyd, Professor Sheila-Mary Carruthers, Holland & Sherry group sales director Lindsay Taylor and Roland Mouret head of production and sourcing Daliah Simble.

Together, the speakers delivered presentations on the importance of supporting and nurturing design and creative talents, an overview of The Woolmark Company, Merino wool’s properties and supply chain as well as industry experience in the manufacturing, design and product sectors as well as in the fashion industry.

The Woolmark Company has received extremely positive feedback from the students who attended the seminar.

University of West England student Amy Hook said she found all the presenters really interesting and inspiring: “I learned a lot more than I thought I would. It really opened my eyes to the industry and what it entails. I feel like I have taken a lot away with me and makes me want to research more into the aspects discussed.”

Textile student from Central St Martins, Daniela Toledo, echoed Miss Hook’s sentiments: “Thank you so much for organising this, I really enjoyed the presenters and their insight is much appreciated. I haven’t had the chance to attend something so similar in my time in London so far.”

And it wasn’t only students who found the seminar beneficial, with a number of educators also attending, such as University of Brighton Textiles tutor Toni Hicks: “It was really strong, authentic information delivered in a clear and interesting way. The extensive amount of knowledge communicated was inspirational.”