Chinese media learn how easy it is to wash wool

1 July 2016

The Woolmark Company hosted a wool Apparel Care press event in Shanghai, sharing the most up-to-date innovations and information on machine-washable wool with media and guests. As the global authority on wool, The Woolmark Company also presented the many advanced technical functions of wool-friendly washing machines from Haier, its key partner in the Apparel Care program and a leader in the global market share of white goods.

Popular cartoonist Tango and fashion designer Nicole Zhang each designed the print for two exclusive T-shirts, illustrating how The Woolmark Company strives to promote premium wool quality garments while also introducing the latest wool innovations in the age of modern living.

Having brought machine-washable wool technology to the Chinese market, The Woolmark Company has been a long-time champion of China’s wool supply chain and development. Committed to improving the quality of machine-washable wool products, The Woolmark Company aims to offer customers the best washing experience through ongoing technological developments and by conducting strict and standardized tests on all wool products.

Fashion designer Nicole Zhang and cartoonist Tango each created a T-shirt to illustrating how easy it is to wash wool apparel

To mark the event, Nicole Zhang, winner of ELLE’s Annual Independent Designer Award, created ‘Easy Care Easy Love,’ a simple but stylish T-shirt that embodies her individual, edgy aesthetic.

“I have always loved wool garments, but I used to think they were really tricky to wash and care for,” explains Zhang. “The Apparel Care program highlights how to treat and preserve wool, providing busy urbanites with easy solutions. The red heart on my T-shirt is actually a sheep’s hoof, signifying the gentle machine washing experience.”

Widely known for his humorous cartoons and vivid imagination, Tango designed a T-shirt that reflects the core concepts behind the Apparel Care program. 

“This is an era of all possibilities,” he said. “We live in a time when AlphaGo can beat humans in chess, so why can’t sheep ‘benefit’ from using a washing machine to wash wool products?”

Cartoonist Tango and fashion designer Nicole Zhang join The Woolmark Company’s Jeff Ma at an Apparel care media day.

The Woolmark Company Technical Services Manager Gary Cai shared the latest news in wool technology as well as the anti-felting principles of machine-washable wool products. He also demonstrated the proper way to care for wool products.

“Wool products featuring the Pure New Wool trademark ensure quality, resilience, colour control and easy care,” he explained. “All washing machines accredited by The Woolmark Company have gone through strict product testing and are guaranteed to save customers from wool felting and discolouration problems, making washing wool an effortless experience.”

Jeff Ma, Executive Marketing Vice President, Greater China & Developing Markets Asia, and Country Manager, China of The Woolmark Company also notes, “The Apparel Care program aims to bring new wool washing methods to Chinese consumers, changing the impression that wool products are difficult to care for. The program also reflects the high quality standards that The Woolmark Company has long been advocating. We hope more brands will join us in this collaboration to offer local consumers a unique, effortless and natural way to enjoy wool products.”

Discover the ease of washing and caring for wool.