China Designer Tour

23 October 2015

For many fashion designers, getting the chance to meet with leading textiles producers is a rare opportunity. Yet when seven leading wool mills presented their latest in wool fabrics and innovations to a group of Chinese designers, the wool supply chain was connected as relationships were strengthened in the name of wool.

Chinese fashion designers and wool mills connected at Intertextile Shanghai

Designer Chloe Chen at Sunshine

During day two of the Intertextile Shanghai trade show, The Woolmark Company organised an exclusive designer tour for Chinese fashion designers Lu Yan (Comme Moi), Chloe Chen, Helen Lee and Depot3’s design team.

Jimmy Jackson, Lu Yan and Jeff Ma at the Woolmark Intertextile booth

The designers were shown The Wool Lab AW 16/17, allowing them to become familiar with a selection of the world’s best commercially available wool yarns and fabrics and be inspired by the seven themes presented for the upcoming AW season.

After seeing this end product, the designers then visited seven of The Woolmark Company’s partner mills’ stands for an in-depth introduction and first-hand experience with wool fabrics, exploring woollen, semi-worsted and knitted textiles.

Depot3 Design Team at Danmao

Visiting The Nanshan Group, Danmao, Sunshine, Youngor, Ruyi, Steady and Linglong allowed the group to get up close to the latest trends and innovations in wool fabrics. It was a productive opportunity to connect The Woolmark Company’s key links among the wool supply chain, as local designers are increasingly searching for quality luxury fabrics.

"At this year's Intertextile trade show we saw that wool is becoming an increasingly important and relevant trend,” said designer Chloe Chen. “We witnessed many new possibilities in the latest wool fabric innovations, for luxury, performance and casual wear and we are grateful to The Woolmark Company for helping us connect the dots and introducing us to high quality partner mills."

Jeff Ma and designer Helen Lee looking through The Wool Lab

The designer tour is another example of how the Woolmark Company continues to foster the education of design talent and supports independent designers. It allowed them to be connected them with some of the world’s finest fabric suppliers, encouraging them to explore Merino wool’s versatility and use it within their collections.

“This is the first designers’ day of its kind at Intertextile Shanghai,” explains The Woolmark Company Marketing Vice President, Greater China, Jeff Ma. “By connecting well-known Chinese designers and brand design teams with our partner mills through in-depth introductions and interactions at their Intertextile booths, we further strengthen our links along the global wool supply chain while also continuing to promote wool as the luxury fibre of choice for high quality, contemporary wool fashion.”