Campaign for Wool showcase for HRH Prince of Wales

9 November 2012

At an exclusive event held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney on November 9, Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) warmly welcomed the patron of the global Campaign for Wool, HRH Prince of Wales.


Models wearing designs from Australian fashion designers Camilla and Marc, Dion Lee, Josh Goot, E L L E R Y and Akira Isogowa, photographed with HRH Prince of Wales
Models wearing designs from Australian fashion designers Camilla and Marc, Dion Lee, Josh Goot, E L L E R Y and Akira Isogowa, photographed with HRH Prince of Wales.

Prince of Wales greeted the public on the forecourt of the Museum of Contemporary Art before being introduced to AWI Chairman Wal Merriman and CEO Stuart McCullough, who escorted him to the sixth floor of the museum where more than 100 members of the wool industry and fashion industry mingled awaiting his arrival.

Included in the line up were some of Australia’s most prominent designers, all supporters of the Campaign for Wool, Camilla and Marc, Akira Isogawa, Dion Lee, Josh Goot and E L L E R Y, who showcased their designs to HRH The Prince of Wales. Special guests also included three North Ashrose Merino sheep and a bottle-fed lamb from South Australia who grazed on the balcony overlooking Sydney’s famous harbour.

HRH Prince of Wales overlooks a lamb at the MCA in Sydney.

Now in its third year, The Campaign for Wool, of which HRH Prince of Wales is a patron, is being celebrated on an unprecedented global scale with more countries than ever before creating their own program of activity to celebrate ‘Wool Week’.

With the next phase of the Campaign for Wool focussed on education, Year 10 student and winner of the Wool4skool design competition Brooke Pearce showcased her wool outfit and briefly met with HRH The Prince of Wales.

Prior to the Prince of Wales' fashion industry meet in Sydney, HRH visited a wool-growing property near Sorell in Tasmania on November 8.

HRH The Prince of Wales met with woolgrowers, helped muster sheep and discussed the shearing of fine wool Merinos in a fitting celebration of the production of the natural fibre.

'Leenavale' owner Kevin Thornbury said it was an enormous honour to host a royal guest and thanked HRH The Prince of Wales for initiating the Campaign for Wool, which continues to help woolgrowers across the world by connecting consumers with the natural versatility of wool.

Peter Ackroyd, Executive of The Campaign for Wool who was in attendance commented, “Since its inception The Campaign for Wool has captured the imagination of both the fashion and design industries, and the public. With the support of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, it has been instrumental in driving a new demand for wool, the world’s favoured renewable and versatile fibre, and I’m delighted to see its continued growth in 2012 and beyond.”

“We are very pleased to be given this opportunity to meet with HRH Prince of Wales and present some of our important Campaign for Wool partners,” explained Stuart McCullough, AWI CEO. “With the support and endorsement of it patron, the global Campaign for Wool continues to connect to consumers around the world highlighting the benefits of wool in apparel and interiors.”

About Campaign for Wool

The Campaign for Wool was launched in 2010 to educate consumers about the benefits of wool and promote wool-predominant products to an international audience to help support and grow the wool industry. Run by a coalition of industry groups convened by HRH The Prince of Wales, the campaign works to engage consumers through exciting fashion, interiors, artisan and design lead activities centring around Wool Week each year.

Visit or more information on the global Campaign for Wool.