Campaign for Wool brings Savile Row to Japan

15 August 2012

The Campaign for Wool returned to Japan’s shores, bringing with it the traditional story of Savile Row and its bespoke tailors, along with the history of Merino wool.

The story of Savile Row, along with the history of Australian Merino wool, were brought to Japan for a Campaign for Wool event held at the British Embassy in Tokyo.

The Savile Row Tailoring Slide and Talk Show, held in the British Embassy in Tokyo in July, was supported by The Woolmark Company, long-standing licensee Ohga and Japanese international department store Mitsukoshi Isetan.

The room was filled with “suit lovers” from leading fashion companies intently listening to presentations made by respected fashion journalist Yoshimi Hasegawa and The Woolmark Company’s country manager for Japan Toshiya Inoue.

“Ms Hasegawa took the audience on a journey throughout the history of Savile Row,” Mr Inoue said. “From the opening of Nutters of Savile Row in 1969, through to the bespoke designers of today, including Richard James and Ozwald Boateng.

“I then discussed the history of Merino wool – telling the story of the precious fibre which is what the campaign for Wool is all about. The messages of wool’s attributes – focussing on moisture management and the natural stretch and drape that best suits men’s suits – will be relayed on to consumers, building awareness of Merino wool and The Woolmark Company.”

The Campaign for Wool highlights the eco credentials of wool, symbolised by a stylised green Woolmark logo. Spearheaded by HRH The Prince of Wales, the campaign has provided tangible benefits for the global wool industry and allows for consumers to become more aware of the benefits of wool.

“The Campaign’s messages were displayed throughout the British Embassy, including a portrait of The Prince of Wales. Ohga also displayed a Timothy Everest outfit, made from the finest worsted yarn, allowing all those present to fully appreciate the craftsmanship which goes in to producing a fine Merino wool suit.”

Well-known columnists in men’s fashion magazines, Mr Shirai of Shinano-ya – a traditional tailor in Yokohoma – and executive director for the Ships department store, Mr Suzuki, spoke about traditional British styling, referencing lines from The Great Gatsby to highlight the finer details.

Journalists from Men’s EX and POPEYE were also present, with MEN’S EX set to cover the event in the October edition of the magazine.

The Campaign for Wool aims to unite the global wool industry – from woolgrowers to designers, manufacturers to retailers – and connects them with discerning consumers from across the world. It embraces all sections of wool users – from the largest companies to specialist artisans.

For more information on the Campaign for Wool, or to become involved, click here.