Calla in Motion puts wool to the test

20 April 2015

US sports blogger Lindsey Calla isn’t your regular fitness fanatic. Her blog, Calla in Motion, understands the importance of fusing fitness with fashion, wellness, life and luxe – offering a holistic approach to your daily workout.

Recently discovering the performance power of Merino wool, Calla in Motion worked alongside The Woolmark Company to not only trial the latest commercially available sports luxe Merino wool apparel, but also experienced the benefits of the premium natural fibre. And as Calla explains, it’s refreshing and uncomplicated.

“When it comes to fabric technology one of the oldest, natural, and most versatile fibres in the world still reigns supreme: wool. How refreshing and uncomplicated,” she writes for her blog.

Lindsey Calla of Calla in Motion putting wool to the ultimate test at Joshua Tree. (PHOTO: Marianna Massey)

Lindsey Calla of Calla in Motion putting wool to the ultimate test at Joshua Tree. (PHOTO: Marianna Massey)

Meeting in the Californian desert at Joshua Tree, Lindsey Calla put Merino wool to the ultimate test in one of the most extreme environments, as the mercury dipped and rose with the sun.

With Merino wool and wool-rich apparel from adidas, Vie Active, Theory + and Smartwool, Calla discovered that in a desert climate, layering is key.

“I ended up layering some items together and used the base-layer tights to explore and do some rock yoga. Merino wool has lots of natural stretch and recovers extremely well. This shape retention is another reason you can work out in wool and look good doing it thus blending fashion and fitness together perfectly.”

The Woolmark Company’s Sports/Activewear department is continually working to cement wool’s rightful place in the sports arena. As a high-performance fibre, the unique moisture management, buffering, insulating and breathability properties of Merino wool work seamlessly together no matter the conditions, especially when combining a base-layer and mid-layer with an outer-layer.

“Some of the best designers in the world turn to wool as a foundation for their activewear,” explains Calla. “It's well-suited for extremes because of the chemical and physical make-up of the fibre, and provides a versatile solution by having the ability to keep you both warm and cool due to insulation and breathability."