Broader wools gain a broad attention at Heimtextil 2015

23 January 2015

The natural versatility of broad wool products took centre stage at the world’s largest interior textile fair at Heimtextil in Germany. More than 68,000 trade visitors attended the fair, reporting they were delighted with the high quality of the products and their designs, and kept exhibitors busy throughout the fair.

Woolmark partners, including the IWTO, exhibited in the Wool Arena at this year’s Heimtextil trade show for interiors
Woolmark partners, including the IWTO, exhibited in the Wool Arena at this year’s Heimtextil trade show for interiors.

The Woolmark Company’s Interiors Textile Division returned to Frankfurt, hosting the Wool Arena and collaborating with Woolmark licensees, to present the latest in wool products for the interiors sector, including bedding, carpets and furnishings.

Together with the International Wool textile Organisation (IWTO) the Wool Arena brought together Woolmark partners Jaspa Herington, H. Dawson and its subsidiary The Woolroom, Bönning + Sommer and Wool Products Australia to create an epicentre for all things wool, marketing the natural benefits of the fibre and their latest wool offerings to tens of thousands of trade show visitors.

Hundreds of retailers, producers and designers of interior textiles requested information about the benefits of wool for interiors and innovative, high-quality wool products at the Arena. All co-exhibitors reported that this cooperation resulted in relevant sales opportunities to new business contacts.

One highlight at the Woolmark Wool Arena was the Micro Climate Meter which demonstrated the moisture absorption of wool impressively. A few business partners requested this tool to support their marketing of the fibre.

Comments from Woolmark partners:

"We had better business than last year in both volume and value, with some important new customers. We feel there are growing inquiries for organic or GOTS certified products. The show is a great meeting and networking place. We get lots of leads which we have to materialise with a follow up. We might develop new innovative consumer-focused products."

"The volume of leads was at the same level as last year as was the value. There is a solid interest from various countries! The place at GALLERIA is great - the show is very good for us. We would want information materials for end consumers such as the existing Woolmark bedding information flyer - this would really help us a lot in selling more wool products and tell the consumers why wool is a superior product and a great buy. We will definitely come back next year!"

"We had a little less people than last time but anyhow the booth and location are very very good. The fair quality is good but we have less leads. Many international companies - but less Chinese buyers - lots of interest in wool premium. This concept works very well - and we are very likely to come back next year."

This is a very important fair and a perfect location. We had great leads and some very important big customers. In fact we could have left Friday morning after we had THE big company here that will fill our capacity for at least half a year. No doubt we are back in next year!"

"We have seen here clearly many more companies using wool e.g. down producers have now wool products in their ranges. This is a very good networking place - we visit and meet members, gain market information and get a great overview of new developments. The Heimtextil Wool Arena is a very good source and a super place to be. Woolmark is definitely THE meeting point in the fair!"