British GQ rocks it in wool with Savile Row

1 November 2013

As British GQ celebrates 25 years as the leading menswear fashion title, the Woolmark Company has collaborated with the publication to dress 14 iconic musicians in bespoke Savile Row tailoring.


Pictured is Mark Ronson in Richard James.
A two week display on Savile Row and Jermyn Street is being held of life-size images of the musicians in their wool finery and commemorative window decals and wool displays. Pictured is Mark Ronson in Richard James.

British GQ celebrates 25 years as the leading menswear fashion title, maintaining its presence as a global inspiration to the men's fashion industry and global trends for consumers. In celebration of this momentous occasion The Woolmark Company has collaborated with British GQ to create an extensive wool feature, styled by Jo Levin with bespoke Savile Row tailoring and photographed by John Wright. The 26 pages are a collage of 14 iconic musicians including Sir Elton John, Dizzee Rascal, Mark Ronson, Johnny Marr, Jarvis Cocker and Paul Weller.

The Woolmark Company Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Rob Langtry, said, "For 25 years GQ has been the leader in men's fashion and making it accessible to an increasingly discriminating global audience. Like rock 'n' roll, fashion has its icons - personalities and designer inspiration that rise above short-term trends and drive true change and innovation. GQ has presented these fashion icons for 25 years just as in this issue they celebrate 25 years of rock 'n' roll in wool tailored by Savile Row. Merino wool is, and always has been part of this fabric of modern life - real, accessible, responsible and iconic."

The Woolmark Company has collaborated with British GQ to present a 26 page feature in the publication’s December edition.
The Woolmark Company has collaborated with British GQ to present a 26 page feature in the publication’s December edition.

Behind each of the great musicians and bespoke suits and garments tailored to perfection by the Savile Row tailors, are the luxurious fabrics carefully crafted and manufactured by weavers in the UK using Merino wool. This is the softest and finest wool fibre produced by Australian woolgrowers who have passed down from generation to generation the expertise and passion to create fine, luxurious Merino fibre for fabrics and knitwear.

The editorial feature will also be available for mobile/tablet applications, and a custom solution developed for online at with a special moving image created by the musicians specifically for the collaboration showcasing the drape and movement of Merino wool. A competition will also run from 31 October to 30 November offering 25 wool garments and accessories, with more than £20,000 of prizes donated by the Savile Row tailors, UK designer brands and leading UK luxury wool weavers. Ranging from bespoke suits offered by Richard Anderson and Gieves & Hawkes, to a bespoke jacket from Henry Poole and waistcoat from the iconic Edward Sexton, and 'head to toe' garments and accessories including knitwear, a cap, ties, bags, seven pairs of Merino wool socks and shoes, the lucky winners will experience first-hand the softness and luxury of fine, Merino wool.

"For the last 25 years GQ has gone out of its way to celebrate the classic and the contemporary, the traditional with the modern. In our rock 'n' roll Savile Row wool story in our 25th anniversary we think we may have achieved the perfect fusion of the two. By shooting some of the greatest rock icons in the best of Savile Row wool tailoring, we hope we have produced a timeless portfolio that properly reflects the brand values of both GQ and Woolmark," explained Dylan Jones, Editor, British GQ.

The collaboration provides consumers with instant visual access to the variety and flexibility offered by wool, from luxury suiting to more relaxed tweeds and coats as preferred by each of the musicians. The versatility of Merino wool and the mix of different music genres provide a snapshot of Music. Fashion for your ears; and Fashion. Music for your eyes.

Released on 31 October, the British GQ December 25-year celebration issue also coincides with a two week display on Savile Row and Jermyn Street of life-size images of the musicians in their wool finery and commemorative window decals and wool displays.

Musician and tailor listing:

Fabrics supplied by:

  • W Bill
  • Dormeuil
  • John G Hardy
  • Harrisons
  • Holland & Sherry
  • J&J Minnis
  • Porter & Harding
  • Smith Woollens
  • Taylor & Lodge
  • E Thomas

Merino wool prizes supplied by:

  • Gieves & Hawkes bespoke fine wool suit from the Private Tailoring range, using fabric supplied by Dormeuil
  • Richard Anderson bespoke suit using fabric supplied by Dormeuil 
  • Henry Poole bespoke Sports Jacket or Blazer, using fabric supplied by Reid & Taylor
  • Edward Sexton Bespoke iconic patchwork waistcoat
  • Johnson scarf
  • Abraham Moons scarf, bag and throw
  • Jonathan Saunders sweater
  • Lou Dalton coat
  • Agi + Sam Single Breasted jacket
  • Dashing Tweed, wool shoes
  • Escorial knitwear  
  • Budd wool tie, vintage wool fabric tie
  • Hawthorne & Heaney personalised embroidered wool pocket square
  • Moxon luxury Merino wool suit length
  • John Foster luxury Merino wool suit length 
  • Taylor & Lodge luxury Merino wool suit length
  • Anderson & Sheppard Merino sweater
  • Richard James seven pairs of Merino socks
  • Spencer Hart Blazer
  • Hardy Amies  Merino wool sweater
  • Kent & Curwen Double Breasted blazer
  • Chittleborough & Morgan – handmade button hole
  • Dege Skinner  wool Cap
  • Bowes Museum tickets, free admission to the Museum and Henry Poole exhibition, a private tour of the Henry Poole exhibition with the curator, lunch for two in Café Bowes, overnight accommodation for two at The Rose and Crown in Romaldkirk in a superior room.
  • GQ presented in one of the presentation wool boxes, only 50 are being made for the 25th anniversary and GQ (year subscription)


50 special wool boxes have been created to present to each of the musicians, tailors and weavers involved in the collaboration. Wool Boxes produced by Smith Settle, UK, using Dormeuil fabric Wool Fabric Photography by Quantum Studio, UK.

For further information, please contact:

Lisa Lisanti
Senior PR Manager, Italy
t. +39 (0) 289 096 705

Melissa Grace 
Marketing Communications Manager, Australia
t. +61 (0) 427 306 631  

About The Woolmark Company:

The Woolmark is the world’s best known textile fibre brand, established in 1964.

The Woolmark brand is owned by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), a not-for-profit company owned by more than 25,000 woolgrowers. AWI’s vision is to be a significant contributor to a vibrant, stable and profitable wool industry providing the world with the best natural fibre. The company works throughout the global supply chain - from woolgrowers through to retailers.

The company mission is to enhance the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wool industry; and increase demand and market access for Australian wool.

Merino wool provides stability, resilience, softness and luxury to the tailoring industry. The fibre has long been a favourite of designers, but younger consumers, born in an era of ‘disposable’ fashion know too little about the natural benefits.

Wool is a 100 per cent natural and renewable fibre. Sheep live on grass, water, fresh air and sunshine. Wool is a fibre that is grown - not man-made. Every year sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a renewable fibre source.