Australian soul in Seoul

4 April 2012

The Woolmark Company organised events in Korea during November 2011 to highlight the premium, natural and environmental benefits of Australian Merino to consumers.

The premium, natural and environmental benefits of Australian Merino wool were promoted in Seoul

The premium, natural and environmental benefits of Australian Merino wool were promoted in Seoul.

A high-profile event saw sharp-dressed men and women in stylish woollen jackets and suits riding bicycles through the Seoul, the South Korean capital, as part of a ‘Wool Run Caring for the Environment’ campaign.

By associating woollen apparel with the environmentally-friendly bicycle, the campaign helped emphasise to the Korean public that wool is a natural and renewable fibre.

The bike ride departed from the Lotte department Store in Seoul’s downtown hotspot, then travelled seven kilometres through the urban streets via the Gyeongbokung Palace.

Suemi Kim from The Woolmark Company’s Korea office said the event – which took more than a month’s preparation – was warmly received by the general public.

“On the day of the event the place was swarming with reporters from mainstream media and we recorded more than 60 news clippings as well as TV coverage,” Ms Kim said.

Coverage of the event went viral in Korea’s social media, with more than 22 million people viewing coverage through blogs and social networking sites.

In conjunction with the Wool Run, the Lotte department store held a three-day promotion titled ‘Live Naturally… Choose Wool’.

Educating consumers was given high importance with a Merino wool booth set up offering customers information on the advantages of Merino wool.

“The sheep that we had there grabbed the attention of many people and the booth conveyed the message that Merino is natural, biodegradable and renewable,” Ms Kim said.

“There was also a donation event featuring a knitting relay to help raise money for the less fortunate. It spread neighbourly love, as warm as wool.”

Other events, this time with leading men’s fashion house Galaxy, of Cheil Industries, again highlighted the premium, natural benefits of Australian Merino to consumers, with two concerts featuring world-class ballerina Sue Jin King and well-renowned actress Nam Joo Kim.

The events also included a sheep station-like atmosphere to publicise the advantages of Australian Merino wool.

Against a backdrop of ‘Merino is Natural, Biodegradable and Renewable’ wool was promoted as an environmentally friendly fibre used in timeless fashion classics.

Ms Kim said all these events helped with the promotion of Australian wool in Korea and were well-received by the general public and the retail partners involved.

“Both Lotte and Cheil were satisfied and we achieved some wonderful media attention, as well as gaining some wonderful consumer feedback,” she said.