adidas expands its wool range

28 September 2016

Function meets style with two new adidas Primeknit wool blend T-shirts, developed in partnership with The Woolmark Company and now available worldwide.

Global sportswear brand adidas continues to build its wool product listing, recently launching two new wool blend items for men and women, available both in Australia and across the world. The half-zip and the dip dye Primeknit T-shirts are the result of the three-way collaboration between adidas, AWI and garment manufacturer Stoll.

“As the team researched consumers’ needs for performance-driven and high-style options for their running wardrobe, we chose a Merino story that would provide runners with thermo-regulation, anti-odour properties and movement throughout their run and day,” explained adidas Senior Director Running Apparel and Customization Craig Vanderoef.

The new wool blend Primeknit T-shirts complement adidas’ other Merino apparel and the wool edition of its Ultra BOOST sneaker, which uses similar innovative knitwear technologies to offer athletes their best run ever.

The fully engineered Primeknit Half Zip was a collaboration that utilised the fibre know-how and innovation from the team at The Woolmark Company, the knitwear expertise of Stoll and the consumer and design insights from adidas.

The results are fully engineered garments that offer the thermoregulation qualities of wool all while having an engineered construction that reduces the possibilities of irritation while on your run.

The adidas half-zip (left) and dip dye (right) Primeknit T-shirts are the result of a three-way collaboration between adidas, The Woolmark Company and manufacturer Stoll.

“The partnership between adidas and The Woolmark Company is one that brings together experts in fibres with experts in consumers and sport. The Woolmark Company educated our design and development teams about wool in sportswear and works with us to answer performance needs with new blends and constructions. We grow together in a common cause and help runners better enjoy their sport and our products.”

As one of the world’s leading sportswear brands, adidas prides itself on technical innovation. What the Primeknit garments cleverly deliver is flexibility, thanks to the tighter weaves in high stress areas and a looser fit in less crucial areas.

“Primeknit is an engineered garment or shoe upper that is ‘grown not sewn’,” explains Mr Vanderoef. “We work with key knit partners at Stoll and Santoni to create garments that are engineered to move with the body and enhance its functions for a better, more comfortable run.

“The new Stoll machine allowed us to add weather proofing to the front and ventilation in the back so we could have one garment fully take advantage of Merino’s natural performance characteristics. The blend utilises Merino, polyesters, and reflective yarns and the water resistant finish is added after knitting. This is a truly ground-breaking garment and collaboration.”

Helping to promote the two Primeknit T-shirts as well as the Ultra BOOST sneaker are ‘adidas Runners’, a global community of amateur and professional athletes all striving for personal bests. adidas Runners captains Paolo Bellomo and Sara Galimberti have each been championing the apparel, sharing their experiences with their followers on social media.