2014 Wool4Skool winners announced

20 August 2014

Young minds across Australia have shown great creativity combined with knowledge of wool and fashion in a ground-breaking Wool4Skool® competition this year.

Year 10 Wool4Skool® winner Clancy Davies-Etheridge designed an outfit inspired by the 1960s and style icon Twiggy
Year 10 Wool4Skool® winner Clancy Davies-Etheridge designed an outfit inspired by the 1960s and style icon Twiggy.

With 1040 very high quality entries amongst 10,000 registered students from 400 participating schools, the classroom fashion design competition has reached new levels in 2014.

The theme of "Woolmark in 50 years of fashion" engaged students from years 7 to 11 who designed for their favourite era from the 1960s to today. Judges were impressed by the level of detail and knowledge of wool fabrics and innovations within entries, particularly across the younger year levels.

Complementing classroom resources of free fabric and wool samples were lesson plans, teacher resources, technical specifications and fashion tips within a resource library at

Winning students and teachers this year share $10,000 in cash prizes along with Girlfriend magazine prize packs. The Year 11 winner also wins a week-long fashion internship with award-winning Australian designers Camilla and Marc.

Clancy Davies-Etheridge’s 1960s-inspired design was chosen by the judging panel this year and her entry caught the eye of leading Australian fashion designer Jonathan Ward who will once again turn the winning design design into reality.

“The design is such a contemporary adaptation of the sixties, utilising Merino wool in a combination of styling and design,” said Mr Ward. “The design lines are fluid, and each individual piece has a lovely relationship with the others offering a nice balance of colour and detailing.”

Using 1960s model Twiggy as her muse, winner Clancy Davies-Etheridge designed a three-piece outfit inspired by the 1960s, but with a contemporary look and feel.

“I didn’t know much about how the fashion industry uses wool, and by going through the process I came to understand just how versatile the product is. In particular, I have become aware of just how many different ways wool can be treated and woven, knitted, felted or bonded to create so many unique properties,” Clancy said.

Year 11 winner Christine Zhou has won one week’s internship with leading designers Camilla and Marc.

“Christine incorporated interesting prints that had a natural feeling and understanding of the brief,” explained Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman after judging the Year 11 entries. “She exhibited a good understanding of wool fabrics and construction, using wool to create modern silhouettes while capturing a fresh, minimal design aesthetic."

Christine’s design was inspired by the current era, taking inspiration from sportswear, digital prints and architectural shapes to create a modern and contemporary design with a futuristic look and feel.

Wool4Skool® 2014 winners and their final creative illustrations:

Year 11: Christine Zhou, Methodist Ladies College, Melbourne, VIC
Year 10: Clancy Davies-Etheridge, Kinross-Wolaroi School, Orange, NSW
Year 9: Vivian Tang, St Mary’s Star of the Sea, Wollongong, NSW
Year 8: Hannah Jenkins, Elderslie High School, Narellan, NSW
Year 7: Cindy Kieu, St Dominic’s Priory College, Adelaide, SA