2014 Cool Wool Best Dresser Award

3 December 2014

Japanese actor Ryohei Suzuki has been awarded the 2014 Cool Wool Award, as part of the 43rd annual Best Dresser Awards, in Tokyo, Japan.

The Woolmark Company Country Manager Toshiya Inoue presenting the 2014 Cool Wool Award to Japanese actor Ryohei Suzuki
The Woolmark Company Country Manager Toshiya Inoue presenting the 2014 Cool Wool Award to Japanese actor Ryohei Suzuki. ©The Men’s Fashion Unity.

Awarded by Men’s Fashion Unity chairman Tamotsu Yagihara and The Best Dresser Committee director Chiaki Hayakawa, Suzuki was crowned the coolest wool wearer out of this year’s Best Dressers.

The Best Dresser Award was established in 1972 with the aim to increase awareness about fashion, proposing a rich and full life, development of the fashion industry and creating a cultural exchange beyond industries. The annual award selects the Best Dressers of the year from several industries and businesses.

The Woolmark Company established the Cool Wool Award two years ago to choose the coolest wool wearer out of the year’s Best Dressers.

Presenting the Cool Wool award, The Woolmark Company Country Manager for Japan, Toshiya Inoue, said: “Many people believe wool is only for autumn and winter, but it is not (only for those two seasons); thanks to its natural attributes such as moisture absorption and desorption, wool is a fibre that keeps you comfortable in spring and summer as well.

“It is our aim with this Cool Wool Award to educate consumers that wool is a trans-seasonal fibre, and that keeps you cool both in terms of climate and style.”

Receiving the award, Suzuki, who was wearing a made-to-order Cool Wool suit by MIYUKI KEORI, said: “Very soft and light. I have not thought of wool as a fibre for spring and summer, nor as a fabric with this elegant shiny appearance.  Cool Wool changed my perception of wool.”

The original Cool Wool program, launched by the International Wool Secretariat nearly 30 years ago and used up until the late-1990s, was very successful. The new Cool Wool campaign takes the concept of trans-seasonal apparel even further for the 21st century with even lighter weight fabrics and yarns.

Cool Wool garments are manufactured from lightweight Merino wool fabrics with a maximum weight of 190 g/m² and a maximum mean wool fibre diameter of 22.5 micron. The fabric/garment surface is clean and smooth.