Wool Denim (Woven)

Wool Denim from The Woolmark Company is a new approach to improving the aesthetics of traditional denim fabric. Denim is probably the most popular trousering fabric in the world because of its value for money and relaxed appearance. However there are some drawbacks to traditional denim fabric: a tendency to fade during washing, poor drape and creasing during wear, coolness to touch when cold, and slow drying when wet. Many of these drawbacks can be overcome and one way in particular is to include a small amount of Merino wool in the fabric.

Wool Denim WovenThe technology 

Denim is a twill fabric traditionally made from a dyed cotton warp with an undyed weft yarn. Previous attempts to create wool/cotton blends in denim have used an intimate blend of wool with cotton - two fibres which are not easy to combine in a yarn. Yet production developments including the use of machine washable wool yarns have led to a more cost-effective way to produce Wool Denim without having to intimately blend wool with cotton.

The Woolmark Company has worked with development partners to produce a wool/cotton denim blend which uses exactly the same warp yarn as traditional denim, but replaces some, or all, of the weft yarns with machine-washable wool. The fabrics are finished the same as traditional denim, so you can rest assured style won’t be compromised, plus you gain all the natural benefits associated with wool.

The features

  • Warmth: Wool in the weft yarns ensures there is wool on the inside of the fabric. This adds an extra element of warmth even in the coldest of winters and takes the initial chill out of putting on regular denim jeans.
  • Moisture management: When wet, the Wool Denim fabric feels drier on the skin and more comfortable than 100% cotton.
  • Odour resistant: Wool fabrics are naturally odour resistant, so this property lends itself to also exist in Wool Denim.
  • Machine washable: Specially treated wool is used to ensure you can wash and dry your jeans as per normal.

For further information about Wool Denim (Woven) contact your local Woolmark Company office.