Quick-dry Merino

Merino wool, by nature, dries faster than cotton. This can mean less time in the tumble dryer which importantly saves energy. Quick Dry Merino technology cuts drying time even further - potentially by up to one-third - perfect for people on the go.

The technology 

Quick Dry Merino is a finishing technique normally applied to perfectly clean fabrics during the final wet-finishing stage by a padding or exhaustion method.

The drying and curing stage is important because it ensures complete fixing of the polymer to the fibre surface.

The features

  • Treated garments dry faster after wetting in a rain shower.
  • Energy-saving - less tumble drying required in domestic laundering.
  • Inherently stain-resistant - reduces the need for frequent laundering.
  • Cleans more effectively in domestic washing machines.

For further information about Quick-Dry Merino contact your local Woolmark Company office.