Merino Fresh

Most suits and trousers are dry-cleaned simply to refresh rather than to remove ingrained dirt and stains. This takes time, money and impacts on the environment.

Merino Fresh is a means of simply showering a suit to remove dust and smells accumulated after a hard day in the city.

Merino FreshThe technology 

The Merino Fresh suit is made from normal or high twist pure new wool fabric then treated with a low level of polyurethane polymer to enhance smooth drying.

The suit is constructed from water repellent chest interfacing and shoulder pads and washable trims. Other specialised elements of a Merino Fresh suit include pockets that drain water easily and drainage holes in cuffs.

The creases and seams are stabilised with a special TYCS setting agent.

By using wool-rich fabrics, most stains can be easily removed during showering with warm water - more persistent stains might need professional cleaning.

The features

  • Easily refreshed wovens without cleaning and pressing.
  • No loss of proper creases during rain showers.
  • Overnight cleaning with no ironing.
  • Water-based stain removal (oil-based stains will need traditional cleaning).
  • Wrinkles and unwanted creases removed during showering.

For further information about Merino Fresh contact your local Woolmark Company office.