Aromatherapy Merino

Natural aromatic plant extracts and essential oils - used in aromatherapy - are renowned for their healing, wellbeing benefits and insect repellence. A range of aromatherapy treatments can be applied to Merino wool knitted fabrics to create Aromatherapy Merino garments.

During wear, the micro-encapsulated essential oil is slowly released and, depending on the type of oil used, may assist in relaxing, revitalising or energising the wearer.

Aromatherapy MerinoThe technology 

A variety of essential oils have been microencapsulated (a process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating to make small capsules), and then bound to the fibre (with a special MCP binder normally used in the cosmetic industry) during processing.

The micro-encapsulated oils slowly and continuously release during wear.

The features

  • Variety of aromatherapy wellbeing effects.
  • Natural and sustainable.
  • Safe for wearer.
  • No effect on handle.
  • No effect on colour.
  • Product applications particularly suitable for women’s wear, Pilates/yoga wear, and loungewear.

For further information about Aromatherapy Merino contact your local Woolmark Company office.