New innovations pave the way forward for the Merino wool industry, allowing it to be a dynamic one that is forever changing. Innovations can be introduced into Merino wool at any stage in the manufacturing process – reaffirming Merino wool as versatile, cutting edge and a clever alternative to other fibres.

Consumer trends drive innovations in wool

The driving force behind Merino wool innovations are the trends in consumer needs and attitudes, because these needs and attitudes justify the extra cost of innovations. The key consumer trends associated with Merino wool knitwear and wovenwear in the second decade of the 21st century are:

  • Value: Luxury for less - Merino Touch
  • Environment: Reduced environmental footprint by using less energy, chemicals and water - Merino Care
  • Casualisation: Less formal looks and textures - Merino Visual.

Technology allowing garments to look good and feel better promotes the positive aspects of woollen products and therefore increases consumer demand for these products.

From allowing wool products to feel as smooth as silk or promoting them as UV-protectant, having easy-to-care for garments and ones which revitalise the wearer thanks to aromatherapy, innovations in Merino wool have come a long way.

During recent years The Woolmark Company and its partners have developed a host of Merino wool innovations, making Merino wool a stellar choice for all those involved in the production process.