From luxury wool fashion to contemporary streetwear, Merino wool is loved by the world’s most influential fashion designers and brands, providing designers with a blank canvas to work with.

Merino wool - a premium fibre 

The world’s best-known fashion designers work with Merino wool.

Few fibres are as wonderful, making wool fashion highly coveted across the world. From everyday premium apparel to high-end fashion, wool clothing remains an integral part of today’s fashion industry.

The Woolmark Company invests in identifying wool fashion trends and in understanding consumer behaviours to communicate the unique benefits of Merino wool and to maximise the international demand for the fibre.

Luxury fashion 

Fashion designers across the world are continuing to fall in love with Merino wool. Providing fashion designers with a perfect blank canvas full of infinite possibilities, the fibre inspires creations for the everyday as well as for the catwalks of the world’s top fashion houses.

The finished product has next-to-skin softness with superior drape, follows the form of the wearer’s body thanks to exceptional elasticity and can be knitted or woven into the latest trends or unique statement pieces.

Contemporary fashion 

As The Woolmark Company looks for new opportunities for Merino wool, the Contemporary Fashion segment is crucial as we look to cement wool’s rightful place as a modern fibre.

With the world becoming more casual, largely due to busy lifestyles, less formal workplaces and a desire for individualism, consumers are looking for products that can adapt and change with their everyday needs. The Woolmark Company is working with partners to address this increasing trend of casualization.

By modernising the rich heritage of wool, connecting the fibre with modern-day culture and demystifying preconceptions of wool, The Woolmark Company’s Contemporary category invites creative minds to work together and experiment with wool’s infinite potential.

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