With a wool lining in a hard shell jacket, condensation is minimised and the insulation properties of wool help to stop chills penetrating through the fabric in a cold environment. In an all-wool MerinoPerform™ WP outer-layer, the fabric’s water and wind resistance makes it ideal for all kinds of weather.

MerinoPerform™ – outer-layer

The outer-layer - hard and soft shell - comprises weather protective fabrics which can be made from either 100% Australian Merino wool, or Merino wool laminated as lining to synthetic hard shell fabrics, usually in combination with membranes or coatings.

Breathability properties make wool suitable for high performance garments in all kinds of outdoor activities or sports, from low to high intensity. It is important that all layers work seamlessly together to move vapour away from the skin and create a dry and insulating microclimate.

With an all-wool layering system the moisture vapour buffering capacity (breathability) provides a transfer effect able to deal with most weather conditions and activity levels.

MerinoPerform™ – WP

Insulating and water resistant make Merino wool outer-layers ideal for all climatesMade from 100% Australian Merino wool, MerinoPerform™ WP delivers a unique, high-performance machine-washable woven fabric which is resistant to wind and rain.

Using the latest fibre stretching technology, the wool is pre-stretched and spun into yarn before being woven into MerinoPerform™ WP.

MerinoPerform™ WP represents a significant development in the sports and outdoor sector, creating a fabric ideal for outer-layer apparel. The fabric super-contracts during the dyeing and finishing process which creates a highly compact fabric with enhanced water and wind resistance.