MerinoPerform™ is The Woolmark Company’s quality assurance program for sports and outdoor performance apparel. Working with a selected group of global manufacturers, MerinoPerform™ brings innovative products to leading brands and retailers of the sports industry.

Performance sports clothing

Merino wool is the perfect fibre of choice for sports clothing.

MerinoPerform™ explains the agreed concept of dressing for activewear apparel, known as the three-tier layering system: base-layer, mid-layer and outer-layer.

Each of the three layers works seamlessly together, enhancing the unique moisture management, insulating and breathable properties of Merino wool.

Structure of wool fibre; diagram explaining the three layers

This gives the wearer the opportunity to always adjust the clothing to the environment as well as to the activity level. It is important for these three layers to work together, not just offering maximum protection but also delivering maximum breathability.

If any of the layers don't perform or interact with the other the result can be either a too cold or a too warm and humid experience.

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