In almost every activity at every level, and in every climatic condition, sportspeople are benefitting from the extraordinary properties of Merino wool.

A performance fibre

Excellent moisture management
Merino wool garments transfer moisture vapour away from the body helping you keep cool and dry during exercise or hot weather. Exceptional breathability keeps you cooler and drier in Merino wool clothing when compared to synthetics. That’s because the Merino fibre can absorb up to 35 per cent of its dry weight in moisture vapour and still feel dry to touch. This causes the micro-climate above your skin to become less saturated with vapour, so you feel less clammy and sweat droplets are less likely to form on your skin’s surface.

Efficient temperature regulation
Merino wool offers excellent protection from extremes of temperature. Merino wool is an active fibre with a natural crimp which creates a lot of very small insulating air pockets. That’s how it helps keep you warm in cold conditions, and cool in hot conditions. This not only keeps you comfortable but can also be essential for those exercising in the outdoors, especially when adventuring in severe conditions.

Effective odour control
Merino wool helps you sweat less and smell better. Unpleasant smells during and after exercise are caused when sweat degrades. The complex chemical structure of Merino wool actually locks away these unpleasant odour molecules. And because Merino wool is able to absorb moisture vapour, it also reduces the amount of sweat - and therefore odour - left on the body in the first place. So your Merino wool clothes will remain fresher for longer than cotton or synthetic garments, and are cleansed more easily when washed.

Comfort and shape retention
Merino wool works in total harmony with the wearer’s body due to the fibres’ excellent natural elasticity. When you’re exercising, you do a lot of stretching - and you want a garment that stretches with you and then returns to its natural shape. At microscopic levels, Merino wool fibres are like coiled springs, returning to their original state when pressure is released. Merino wool garments are ideal for stretch-related activities such as gym workouts and yoga. And as Merino wool fibres are so fine, they feel luxuriously soft next to the skin.

Easy care and stain resistance
Merino wool stays cleaner for longer and is easy to wash too. Unlike synthetic fibre, Merino fibre has a natural protective outer layer that prevents stains being absorbed and makes cleaning easier. And even when they do need washing, many garments can now be machine washed and tumble-dried for easy-care convenience.