The 3 base-layer fabric concepts - Next-to-Skin, Pro, and Advantage - cover all levels of activity. Merino wool garments in 19.5 micron or finer assures the wearer of a super-soft and comfortable next-to-skin product with highly efficient breathability.

MerinoPerform™ - Next to skin

The MerinoPerform™ Next-to-Skin range provides a high level of comfort, suitable for those seeking a sense of wellbeing in a broad range of leisure and sporting activities.

Merino wool’s natural elasticity allows the clothing to move with your body, making MerinoPerform™ Next-to-Skin garments ideal for stretch-related activities such as gym workouts and yoga.

Merino wool base-layers provide comfortable next-to-skin sports clothing

MerinoPerform™ - Pro

MerinoPerform™ Pro is the ultimate sports fabric for the serious participant - whether professional or amateur. It has the advanced vapour and liquid moisture management of MerinoPerform™ Advantage but in a 100% Merino wool knitted fabric.

Ideal for base-layer garments aimed at low to high activity sports, this innovation is made from a special double-faced 100% MerinoPerform™ fabric.

Merino wool base-layers provide comfortable next-to-skin sports clothingHow does MerinoPerform™ Pro work?

During the initial phases of exercise, the inner layer of Merino wool fabric absorbs moisture vapour. If the fibre reaches its limit to absorb moisture, any liquid sweat is repelled by the layer’s hydrophobic surface and forced into contact with the relatively hydrophilic fibres of the Merino outer layer. The MerinoPerform™ Pro fabric thereby quickly moves sweat to the fabric’s outer side. This one-way wicking behaviour ensures drier garments that feel more comfortable during exercise and reduce post exercise chills.

MerinoPerform™ - Advantage

The MerinoPerform™ Advantage range comprises high-performance, lightweight fabrics, suitable for athletes who want the support to perform at their best.

MerinoPerform™ Advantage fabrics have the key benefits of the MerinoPerform™ Next-to-Skin range plus a few additional features. It is a range of bi-component fabrics with unique temperature regulation and vapour management properties, keeping athletes cooler and drier when exercising.

MerinoPerform™ Advantage fabrics combine the unique high-performance benefits of Merino wool fibres with synthetics in a bi-component structure. They are knitted fabrics with the inside component made from 19.5 micron or finer Merino wool, which comprises at least 20% of the fabric. The outside component of the fabric is made from hydrophilic synthetic fibres.

MerinoPerform™ Advantage transfers both vapour and liquid (sweat) moisture away from the body, enabling the wearer to stay comfortably cool and dry during extreme exercise. This one-way wicking behaviour ensures drier garments that feel more comfortable during exercise and reduce post exercise chills.

The composite structure of MerinoPerform™ Advantage fabric gives it high tensile strength. So in addition to enjoying all the other attributes of Merino, garments made with the fabric are highly suitable for contact sports.