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Benefits of Woolmark Certification

The Woolmark Company offers a number of constantly improving services to our Woolmark licensees aimed at adding value to their business. Woolmark certification allows licensees to use the Woolmark logo, Woolmark Blend logo or Wool Blend logo depending on the fibre content of their wool products.

The Woolmark brand provides a unique, global fibre quality assurance scheme for manufacturers and consumers alike. No other fibre offers this type of scheme.

9 reasons to become a Woolmark Licensee

  1. Support for licensees

    We provide licensees with support.

    • On becoming a Woolmark licensee, we will appoint a Key Account Manager as the first point of contact.
    • The Key Account Manager is supported by our global network of TWC offices and experts in a variety of fields such as: marketing, wool supply chain, sourcing, technical, Woolmark specifications and interpretation of test results.

  2. Woolmark specifications and testing

    We can provide licensees with access to Woolmark testing via our network of independent authorised laboratories.

    • Compliance with the specifications enables licensees to use one of our logos as an independent quality endorsement of their products, thereby providing licensees with differentiation from other brands within the marketplace.
    • The specifications and standards are set at a high level to maximise consumer satisfaction, thereby reducing the risk of consumers returning the product.
    • Licensees can adopt Woolmark specifications as their own, providing licensees with cost savings as the quality testing has already been done.
    • We can help licensees develop production guidelines to help them meet Woolmark specifications for their products.

  3. Marketing promotion

    We can provide licensees with marketing advice and assistance, in relation to:

    • Woolmark tickets and labels - which have a contemporary design, in-built security and an efficient ordering process using a global supplier.
    • Development of text and access to images to help you tell your customers the wool story and/or product stories.
    • Marketing collateral, including posters, display cards and stickers.

  4. Product development initiatives

    We can provide licensees with access to TWC product development initiatives, for knitwear and wovenwear.

    • Each year TWC produces seasonal product development collections: autumn/winter and spring/summer.
    • If there is an innovation in a collection that is of interest to a licensee, our team is ready to assist in its implementation into the licensee’s business.

  5. Wool supply chain

    We can assist with introducing licensees to woolgrower groups to enable a better understanding of:

    • The types of wool and how it is grown.
    • Traceability of wool through the supply chain.
    • Animal health and welfare.

  6. Sourcing

    We can assist with introducing licensees to suitable wool supply chain partners.

    • We have offices in many parts of the world. Through our global network we can help licensees to find and provide introductions to potential suppliers and customers along the supply chain.
    • We have experienced technical staff to provide support.
    • Our Looking for Wool sourcing tool connects wool buyers with suppliers and presents licensees at the top of the search results listings.

  7. Technical training packages

    We offer technical training packages to licensees:

    • Updated technical manuals for The Woolmark Company innovations are now available to fast-track implementation into licensees’ businesses.
    • We are continuing to develop and publish a range of detailed, up-to-date technical training manuals about the production of yarns, and knitted and woven fabrics and products.

  8. Retail training packages

    We offer retail training and educational packages:

    • The Back Room: Training aimed at buyers, merchandisers etc. to provide detailed information on manufacturing stages such as spinning, knitting, dyeing and finishing etc.
    • The Front Store: Training aimed at shop floor staff to educate them about wool, providing them with more confidence and knowledge when dealing with customers.
    The Future: We are continually looking to the future, offering training and education to leading textile institutes across the world.

  9. Seasonal guides

    We can provide licensees with access to The Wool Lab – an inspirational seasonal guide to the best wool fabrics and yarns in the world.

    • Selected from the collections of some of the world’s leading textile companies, these wool fabrics and yarns are made with the latest innovations in production techniques and special finishing treatments.
    • All the fabrics and yarns are commercially available.
    • The Wool Lab service extends the licensee network by connecting them to buyers.
    • For further information about The Wool Lab and to arrange potential viewing of it, contact The Wool Lab Specialist Network.

Information on tickets and labels, ordering details, SML contact details and security and technology features offered by SML can be found in the Tickets and Labels Pitch Pack.

More details on samples and visuals for The Woolmark Company brand identity and merchandising collateral can be found in the Woolmark Licensee Resources section.

For further information contact your local Woolmark Company office or email woolmark@wool.com